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START . March, 2017
. June 5, 2017

City . Vilnius

Client . Vilnius Academy of art

Blooming cube

Packaging design

In the beginning of spring not only flowers start to bloom, packaging can also blossom out and share the sweet taste of upcoming summer.

During my 3th year of product design studies Prof. Miglė Kibildienė asked students to make a produckt packaging colection that you could open and play.

Blooming cube is a set of L shaped boxes filled with luxurious candy of  six different spring inspired flavours. When you first see the box it is a cube with white straps with various text blocks, however, when you take the first peace suddenly bright pink colour blooms. It opens a surprise game out of boxes. The stripes and L shape allows you to build your own design in hundreds of different combinations. But also, you can test your brain power by trying to hide all the bright squares and again build the black cube. It is a nice gift to friends and family and a fun way to come together to solve cube maze.

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