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START . February 9, 2016
. May 29, 2016

City . Vilnius

Client . Vilnius Academy of art


Wireless charger and bluetooth speaker

Devices now are beneficial part to our lifestyle, mobility and even might affect our wellbeing. However, all the extra parts, like wires, chargers and accessories, cluttering our homes.

That is why wireless power technology strengthens its position in todays market. It is not surprising that portable speaker “Cristal” might be the natural consequence of decluttering. High quality of sound is a must in a designing process of a bluetooth speaker,  but it is also an opportunity to incorporate QI wireless charging  system for smart phones.

The usual wireless chargers flat design often makes user interrupt the charging process because of the constant need to check your phone.

Unlike them, “Cristal”   was designed with a transverse angle that allows owners to listen and watch a video on their phone the same time it is being charged.  By minimising the amount of wires and making an angular phone stand it is a solution for people to follow alerts on the lock screen, battery charging  level, listen to their favourite song or talk on face FaceTime application all while having free hands to work on their ideas or just enjoy a cup of tea.





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