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START . November, 2017
. January, 2018

City . Vilnius

Client .  RioLIndo

Square LAB1

Toy design

The amazing Square LAB 1 set is a construction toy that allow kids to build large spatial structures from 9×9 wooden square tiles with secret chambers for magnets inside them. This box encourages children to dwell into chemistry, biology and mechanics lab by colouring and arranging tiles in any way they like. On colouring pictures you can find different lab equipment to colour, hidden task to solve and true academic facts to find. All by building modular 3D lab to play in

Lab interior pictures are made complex to help develop precise colouring skills


For some task kids will need to communicate with adults to past the knowledge


Empty tiles are for children to draw their inventions


Some tiles has real molecular structures that teach bio chemistry formulas


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