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START . October, 2017
. January, 2018

City . Vilnius

Client . Vilnius Academy of art

Wise Bath

Water Filtration System
for space-saving bathrooms

Despite the abundance of water in our planet, only 3procent of it is drinkable, and from that 2% are in icecaps. Moreover, the growing number of people is making water reach for some regions even more problematic. Therefore, we need to create and use new water filtration and reuse system.

Wise bath is a pioneering idea for total bathroom redesigning. First of all, we need to see the amount of water we use, so that we could evaluate it better. Secondly, modern bathroom should have a water dispensing switches design specially for direct use. And finally, we need to start reusing our wasted water by employing newest filtration systems in to our daily life.

How does Wise Bath water filtration and reuse system work?

The amount of water that was already used is collected in a sloping vessel (A) and lowered to the water filtration system (B). The dirt and rubbish are drained into the sewerage system (H) with a minimum amount of water. Clean, fitrated water is stored in the spare tank (C) and pumped into the dosing aquarium (D). Electronic controllers helps to dose the amount of needed water via shower and sink mixers (E, F). If there is not enough water in the system; it comes from a usual water supply system (G)

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